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♥My blog is a MULTI-FANDOM ANIME/GAMING RELATED BLOG [97%](Including "Avatar: The last Airbender" and "Legend of Korra") | But sometimes I'll be posting stuff like disney, dreamworks, Hunger Games, Random funny stuff etc. [3%] ♥

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I HAVE A LOT OF FAVORITE ANIMES but my most fave would probably be FAIRY TAIL [as you may have already noticed xD] AND! Lucy is probably my favorite character...YES! LUCY, the one everyone hates, but I am absolutely proud to say the I love her...she's more capable than you think she is...


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ANIME's I am CURRENTLY Watching:

FAIRY TAIL!! ♦ Legend of Korra [Not anime, i know] ♦ One Piece♦ Ao Haru Ride ♦ Barakamon ♦ Bakumatsu Rock ♦ DRAMAtical Murder ♦ Free! Eternal Summer ♦ Locodol ♦ Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki - Kun ♦ Glasslip ♦ Re: Hamatora ♦ Hanayamata ♦ Jinsei ♦ Majimoji Rurumo ♦ Rail Wars! ♦ Rokujouma no Shinryakusha! ♦ Sabagebu ♦ SAO II ♦ Tokyo ESP ♦ Captain Earth ♦ Haikyuu!! ♦ Mahouka ♦ Himegoto

Society: “Be responsible, go study and do some work”

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